These are some of the commercial and non-commercial projects that I participated as a software/hardware developer.

Mamulengo with Marcio Ambrosio

MAMULENGO - 2013 from Kosmo on Vimeo.

Graffiti Animado with Marcio Ambrosio

Submersed Songs by Vivian Caccuri

Atoms Table - developed at Superuber

Black Whole Multitouch - developed at Loodik

Sand Table - developed at Superuber

TAM Museum - developed at Superuber

PixelPark exhibit - developed at Superuber

Sopro Quatro - developed at Superuber

Frustration by Anaisa Franco

Frustration from Anaisa Franco on Vimeo.

Throughout Breathing by Anaisa Franco

ThroughtOut Breathing from Anaisa Franco on Vimeo.

Devenir by Anaisa Franco

Devenir at Galerie Charlot from Anaisa Franco on Vimeo.

Interactive POS for Hasbro - developed at Loodik

Imin 100 anos - developed at Loodik

Interactive advertisement for Bayer - developed at Loodik

Interactive bar table demo at FILE 2008 - developed at Loodik